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Get alerts for new and recently freed-up listings matching your Airbnb search

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How it works

How to do a search for your trip on Airbnb

1. Do a search for your trip

Open your browser and simply do any search on Apply your filters and zoom in on the map if needed. Then copy the URL

2. Create an alert

Go to your Alertstays account and create an alert. It's as simple as pasting the search URL.

How to create an alert
What alerts look like

3. Get notified when new listings appear

You will receive new listings in your inbox that match your search exactly. No more daily scrolling and missing on great opportunities! From there you can book as usual on Airbnb

Sample use cases

Digital nomads booking monthly stays
Family reunion for a holiday weekend by the beach
Friends going to a major concert for one night


This is exactly what people who want to track Airbnb opportunities needs. It works perfectly. ... I paid to upgrade to get the search to have a better chance of scoring the places I want.
Saved time, saved money, and got the best Airbnb available. I recommend
🌍🏡 This is a travel game-changer! No more endless Airbnb checking for trips or stays. Just browse as usual, pop the URL into, and voila! Daily notifications with new listings. Streamlining travel planning like this? Brilliant! Ready to save time and make traveling even more exciting. 🌟✈️

Priced for your wanderlust


$5 / month

For the occasional trip planner

  • 1 search alert
  • 1 email / day with newly available listings


$10 / month

For the serial trip planner

  • 3 search alerts
  • 1 email / day with newly available listings


$20 / month Yearly: 50% off

For high demand dates and locations

  • 10 search alerts
  • Instant: email as soon as newly available listings detected

Ready? Set your alert in 2 minutes!

Start receiving notifications for new listings that match your search criteria.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support other platforms like Booking or Expedia

We don't at the moment, but let us know if you'd be interested!

Who is behind this? We are fans of Airbnb passionate about traveling. We're digital nomads and constantly found ourselves browsing to find the best stay. We built this for ourselves and decided to put it out there!

Is it free? While we'd love to offer this service for free, there are running costs associated with delivering it and it wouldn't be sustainable. However you can try before you buy by signing up for the 7-day free trial!

I only have a trip in the next few weeks, why should I pay monthly? You can cancel as soon as you find your Airbnb and will be charged only one month.